The Wonderful World of Kitchen Knobs and Pulls

Think about it — what’s the one thing you touch in your kitchen almost every day, whether you’re making an elaborate meal for a dinner party or snatching some grab-and-go items for soccer practice?  Cabinet knobs and drawer pulls!

Where to Find Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pullsckbr grey kitchen cabinets

Because these items are ones you pick every day, it might be worth splurging a little.  They’re typically lower-ticket items anyway, and knowing you’ve gotten exactly what you want can brighten your mood multiple times throughout your day.  So where can you find the right knobs and pulls?

  • Hardware Stores: These stores, like Lowe’s and Home Depot, will have a fair but not extensive collection.  You might be able to find exactly what you want, so it’s not a bad place to start.
  • Vintage and Flea Markets: If you’re going for a vintage or cozy look in your kitchen, you might check out vintage flea markets near you.  Selection will be very limited, but you might be able to find pieces that go well together even if they don’t match, and there’s no doubt they’ll be one of a kind.
  • Specialty Showroom: This is your best bet for finding exactly what you’re looking for.  You’ll pay a small premium over a hardware store, but it’s worth it to see the huge selection and have the opportunity to get the perfect style for your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Knob and Pull Styles

There are new varieties of knobs and pulls hitting the market on a regular basis (another argument for the specialty showroom), but here are some of our favorites with staying power:

  • Bar Pulls: These add a modern touch to your kitchen, though they can fit well with traditional looks too.  From a practical standpoint, they make it easy to pull open wide drawers (and eliminate the need for two knobs on drawers more than 18 inches wide).
  • Bin/Cup Pulls: These are upside-down cup-shaped pulls that add a classy, traditional or Shaker-style touch to any kitchen.  They come in many finishes and shapes, so they can be a great choice for many kitchens.  They’re also very strong pulls, so you shouldn’t have to worry about having trouble with heavy or big drawers.
  • Back Plates: These knobs have a decorative plate behind them that protects the finish of your cabinets and your drawers and adds both aesthetics and function to the knob itself.  These can be perfect for Tuscan or Mediterranean kitchens, and they add a pleasing visual note to any kitchen.

Custom Kitchens by CKBR

Whether you’re looking for some small upgrades like cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, a complete remodel, or to build a kitchen from scratch, CKBR can help.  Our design specialists will help you find a plan that creates a space you love within your budget.  For a free, in-home consultation, give us a call today at 602-438-6638, or visit us on the web for more information.

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