How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting has come a long way from your standard, brass, Hollywood lighting.  There’s no quicker way to upgrade your bathroom from dated to modern than changing your lighting.  Read on for our favorite modern trends in bathroom lighting.

Uses Sconces on Both Sides of the Mirrorlightening ckbr

There’s a sconce for every taste and every bathroom.  Sconces are a great choice for modern bathrooms, as they offer soft cross light that provides a beautiful glow for the subject looking in the mirror with minimal glare.

recessed lighting ckbr

Recessed Lighting for a Modern Hollywood Feel

Hollywood lighting isn’t what it used to be.  If you want to feel glam these days, go for recessed bar lighting.  It’s a sleek modern way to light the room in a very flattering way.

A Single Fixture Over the Bathroom Mirror

Going with a single fixture is a great way to add a unique touch to your bathroom lighting.  This can offer a particularly fetching industrial or farmhouse vibe, with a gooseneck and a wide lamp.

Crystal Fixtures for Classic Glitzbathroom chandlier phoenix ckbr

There’s nothing more romantic than a crystal fixture.  Once again, there are many different styles, from relatively simple to extremely ornate.  Balancing the light fixture with the rest of the bathroom can create the perfect look — if you go for a fancy fixture, keep the rest of the bathroom simple.

phoenix bathroom chandiler Try a Chandelier in the Bathroom

Chandeliers aren’t just for dining rooms and parlors.  They can make beautiful statement pieces in a bathroom.  And once again, there are many different styles, from classic to rustic to sleek modern.

Consider a Dimmer Switch

It’s not the first place you might think to install a dimmer switch and dimmer-friendly lighting, but what better place to take advantage of this technology than the bathroom?  Whether you’re looking to get an accurate representation of how your makeup will look in low lighting or if you’re simply stumbling into the bathroom in the middle of the night, a dimmer switch is the perfect multipurpose tool for lighting your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling with CKBR

No matter what the bathroom of your dreams looks like, CKBR can help make it a reality.  We’ll work with you and your budget to create a bathroom you love.  Give us a call at 602-438-6638 to schedule your free, in-home consultation, or visit our website for more information.

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