How to Pick the Right Type of Grout for Your Bathroom

How to Pick the Right Type of Grout for Your Bathroom

There are a lot of decisions to make when designing your new bathroom, from the light fixtures on the ceiling to the grout on the floor.  Read on to learn about the different types of grout and how to pick the right type of grout for your bathroom.

Three Types of Groutphoenix remodeling grout

There are three main types of grout typically used when installing tile:

  • Unsanded (rarely used)
  • Sanded (most common)
  • Epoxy (best/most expensive)

Knowing which situations call for which grout can save you a lot of hassle and provide you with a beautiful finished look for your floor.

Unsanded Grout for Small Grout Lines

You won’t typically see unsanded grout on a bathroom floor unless it’s on tile that’s less than 1/8 of an inch apart, more typically 1/16th.  The benefit is that unsanded grount is easier to work with, but without the sand, it shrinks much more.  And that can mean grout that pulls away from and destabilizes your tile.

Better applications for unsanded grout include vertical surfaces, like shower walls or kitchen back splashes.

Sanded Grout for Most Tile Floors

Sanded grout works great for almost all tile floors, as long as the tiles are at least 1/8 of an inch apart.  Sanded grout doesn’t shrink as much, thanks to the addition of fine sand to the grout.

When should you not use sanded grout?  If you’re using granite, marble or another type of polished stone, sanded grout can scratch it.

Epoxy Grout for the Top of the Line Choice

Epoxy grout is the best choice for any tile floor, but it’s also the most expensive — and for good reason.  It works in situations where you’d typically use unsanded or sanded grout, and it stands up to more use, is waterproof and stain-resistant.

Epoxy is more difficult to work with because it cures faster, but some brands have longer curing time than others.  The bottom line is you want to make sure your contractor knows what they’re doing if you go with epoxy grout.

Bathroom Remodeling with CKBR

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