Light vs. Dark Kitchen Cabinets – Which is Right for You?

Have you been tempted by the dark side, or are you dedicated to staying in the light? We may have Star Wars on the brain these days, but it’s a good question for your kitchen cabinets too!  Read on for our views on light vs. dark kitchen cabinets.

Light Kitchen Cabinets – The Pros kitchen

Clean and Bright

There’s no cleaner look than white or light-colored kitchen cabinets.  They bring a fresh, bright appeal to your kitchen, and they enhance natural light, making your room feel welcoming to family and friends alike.

Classic and Trend Proof

There’s no danger in light or white cabinets going out of style.  They’ve been popular for decades, and we don’t expect them to suddenly go out of favor any time soon.  If you have any plans to sell your home any time soon, light or white cabinets are a safe yet stylish choice.

Light or White Kitchen Cabinets – The Cons

Dirt Shows on Light/White Cabinets

There’s no getting around it — whites and lights show dirt and smudges.  That spatter of spaghetti sauce or splatter of dirt off your kid’s soccer cleats will be very visible on white cabinetry.

Upkeep Matters on Light/White Cabinets

Light and white colors do tend to show their age a little more than their dark counterparts.  You’ll likely need to consider touch-up or even repainting sooner with lighter cabinets, especially under heavy use.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets – The Pros903168_552255804815350_1758461959_o

Dark Cabinets are On Trend

There’s nothing more striking than walking into a kitchen with dark cabinetry.  It’s a beautiful, stunning look for a modern kitchen.

Dark Cabinets Hide Dirt

Those same spatters that draw the eye on white cabinets don’t take center stage on dark cabinets, which can make them a decent choice for kitchens with heavy use or small kids running around.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets – The Cons

Dark Cabinets Require More Forethought

Dark cabinets done poorly look terrible, and they’re easier to mess up in the beginning.  To get a classy look, you need high quality materials and a well-thought-out design — even more so than with light cabinets.

Dark Cabinets are Trendy, but for How Long?

Dark cabinets are a great look right now, but they don’t have the proof of longevity that white or light cabinets do.  Dark cabinets are also harder to redo than light cabinets, so that’s something to keep in mind if you’re considering selling soon or even down the road.

The Best of Both Worlds: Balancing Light and Dark Colors in the Kitchen

One of our favorite ways to embrace darker elements in the kitchen is to balance them with lighter elements, and vice versa.  If you’re going dark on the cabinets, look into lighter paint colors.  If you’re going with white cabinets, think about a darker countertop.

Custom Kitchens with CKBR

Redoing your kitchen can be overwhelming on your own, but CKBR can help.  Our design specialists love helping our clients find the perfect balance of light, dark and color — all within their budgets.  For a free, in-home consultation, give us a call today at 602-438-6638, or visit us on the web for more information.

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