Our Favorite 2017 Kitchen Trends

Are you dreaming of a new look for your kitchen this year? Looking for ideas? Here are some of our favorite 2017 kitchen trends.

Hidden Appliances

There’s nothing that streamlines the look of a kitchen like hidden appliances. When your dishwasher, refrigerator and oven blend seamlessly in with your cabinets, it creates a welcoming, warm feeling in one of the most used rooms in your home.

Mixed Hardware Finishes

Maybe your budget is on the thrifty side — no problem! Consider switching out the handles and pulls on your cabinets. For years, stainless steel has been the look of choice, but homeowners who are on trend are choosing unique hardware in finishes like gold, copper and pewter. Choosing an unexpected finish for your hardware helps create a space that feels custom-designed for your tastes.warm kitchen remodel phoenix

Warm Finishes

Gone are the days of cool, sleek and modern. Homeowners want to make their homes feel inviting, and that means replacing sleek, glossy items for warmer materials like wood, bronze, and matte-finished items.

Simplification and Throwback

There seems to be a mental shift toward reclaiming comfort in the kitchen, and for many homeowners, that means an emphasis on simplicity and comfort. Open shelving makes items easier to get to, and plenty of counter space allows for leaving commonly used items accessible. Simple, inviting decor replaces the elaborate “don’t-touch” trends of the past several years.

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Natural Materials

Fitting in with all the trends above is a return to more natural, often sustainable materials. Think reclaimed wood, wicker, cork, and terracotta clay. These items not only are good for the environment, they also beg to be touched and bring a natural beauty into the kitchen.

Custom Kitchens by CKBR

Whether you’re looking for some small upgrades, a complete remodel, or to build a kitchen from scratch, CKBR can help you add the your own unique personality to your kitchen. Our design specialists will help you find a plan that creates a space you love within your budget. For a free, in-home consultation, give us a call today at 602-438-6638, or visit us on the web for more information.

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