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Trading Your Unused Tub for a Walk-In Shower

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If you're like a lot of homeowners, you may have a huge jacuzzi tub that you absolutely never use along with a plain, cramped built-in that you use all the time but don't really like.  If this is you, consider one of our favorite ways to remodel a bathroom: converting an unused tub into a

Our Favorite Bathroom Trends for 2017

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Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most exciting place to be when it comes to remodeling in 2017. Check out some of our favorite trends to consider for your bathroom remodel. Practical Storage There's nothing more frustrating than running out of storage in your bathroom for the items you use every day. With

Our Favorite Remodeling Trends for 2016

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It's a brand new year, and it's a great time to think about what you want your home to look like and how to make it happen!  Here are our favorite design and remodeling trends for 2016 to give you some ideas. Add Space to Your Kitchen Have a formal dining room next to your

Remodel Your House with Aging In Mind

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401Ks and Roth IRAs aren’t the only way to prepare for your golden years. Many people nearing retirement age are opting not to move, but to improve their own home to accommodate certain conditions typical of later life. Some home remodel projects can make your home safer and more comfortable as you age in place. Aging is a

Top Trends: Remodel 2015

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Top Remodeling Trends 2015 Trusted designers tell their well-informed predictions for home improvements that will be done in 2015…but will last much longer than that. People are geared toward longevity in their purchasing decisions now more than ever, so this list includes some solid, long-lasting trends, not fads. Neutral Palette Gray is the new beige. There are a