Angie’s List Super Service Award: 4 Years Running!

Angie’s List is a website community that helps consumers looking for business services  to find the best services available in different industries and on a local scale. The website has helped millions of people find great services by forming a community that grades businesses and services on how satisfactory their service was to the consumer. CKBR angie list super service award

Traditionally, people relied on neighbor’s testimony and trusted, established companies to perform a variety of services. However it was always a crap-shoot as to how good the service actually was. Nowadays, people are turning more and more to the internet to give them advice on who to use for various services across the country. Enter in Angie’s List; this community is dedicated to giving the highest quality services to consumers by providing accurate and unadulterated reviews for thousands of businesses.

There is a special award that Angie’s List gives to exceptional businesses who earn the best ratings among the online community. This award is called the Super Service Award and its a distinction held by only the best businesses and services with ratings on the site. We here at CKBR are proud to say that we’ve held the distinction of the Super Service Award for a 4th year in a row! This award speaks to the outstanding level of commitment we have to providing the best remodeling services to our clients as possible. Our clients speak very highly of us and awards like Angie’s List’s Super Service Award are proof that our remodeling service is top of the line. So to our former and continued clients, a large and outspoken ‘thank you’ is in order! Here’s to you Angie’s List reviewers!