How to Add a Media Wall to Your Home

One of the great American pastimes is gathering around the television.  Whether you’re cheering on your favorite sports team, watching the big season finale of this year’s must-see show, or catching an old beloved film, adding a media wall to your home can be a wonderful way to enhance the experience.  Read on for our favorite ideas on incorporating a media wall.

#1: Add a Closet Behind Your Media Wallphoenix remodeling media wall

Using the space behind the wall that houses your TV is a great way to keep cords and other remotely controlled items out of sight, adding a sleek, modern vibe to your room.  Adding a closet allows you to easily access anything you need to while keeping it out of the way the rest of the time.

#2: Use Backlighting to Accentuate Your Media Wall

Backlighting is a great way to enhance your TV viewing experience.  Having color-changing lights to shine on the space behind the TV adds to the mood and makes the viewing experience easier on your eyes — plus it just looks cool!

#3: Add Built-In Storage to Your Media Wall

Even if you mostly stream your TV and movies these days, chances are you probably still have a small collection of DVDs or Blu-rays that need to be stored.  Ground-level cabinets can also serve as a storage area for kids’ toys, board games or even books.  Let’s face it: extra storage is never a bad idea.

#4: Make Your Media Wall a Statement Wallmedia wall2016
The wall behind your TV can be a great place for a pop of color or a swath of modern wallpaper. Adding something special to the wall that houses your TV makes it a piece of art instead of just a space on the wall where your TV lives.

#5: Hide Your TV With Art

If you don’t want your TV visible all the time, adding cabinets doors, shutters or even a patterned or art-printed shade can add class to your media room.  Your media wall can be lovely to look at whether the TV is acting as the centerpiece or not.

Media Rooms by CKBR

If you’re looking to add a media wall or an entire home theatre to your house, CKBR can help.  Our design specialists will help you find a plan that creates a space you love within your budget.  For a free, in-home consultation, give us a call today at 602-438-6638.
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